ALL I WANT FOR XMAS IS ...? ❤️ Still worrying about what Christmas gift should you give to your boy friends? Come on!

ALL I WANT FOR XMAS IS ...? ❤️ Still worrying about what Christmas gift should you give to your boy friends? Come on!

Christmas is coming 🎅🏻

We know that preparing suitable Christmas gifts for your loved ones is something worth thinking about!

Well, not everyone likes fancy, good brands. In addition, this does not mean that the more expensive the better. The important thing is to stand in their shoes and consider what this person needs most, instead of giving them something they will...just keeping in the drawer...🙈

If it is for people close to you, a set of good skin products that suit their skin needs would be a good idea!

Imagine your friend pays attention to your skin condition and buys you some good things. Is it very sweet?

Korean skincare set is highly recommended, which has guarantees good quality and good effects. Here are some Christmas gifts to recommend to your boyfriend💖



Black Scrubber

The perfect option for '' too lazy to think which skincare i need'' type of boyfriend NO.1👑

The beginning of all skincare is exfoliation. If you have the thick dead skin on your face, no matter how many skin care products you use, it will not be absorbed well.

Especially men with oily skin need to exfoliate well✨

Especially in the past two years, everyone wears masks, their skin is dull, and more prone to acne. Pores are getting bigger and bigger, blackheads are easy to accumulate...🌪

Using this product, you only need to invest 30 seconds before bathing every week to deeply cleanse the skin and remove all dead skin and excess sebum✨

Well, also, If you prepare this for Christmas gifts, it will also increase your boyfriend's 'handsomeness' I feel that this investment is not a loss💸



Night Moisture Cream

This large-capacity design gives your boyfriend a sufficient amount. He may always apply too much cream because he does not know how to control the amount of cream. At an affordable price, it is indeed a perfect daily cream choice!


The stickiness of her boyfriend’s most hated matter when applying skincare products is also taken into account. ,This night cream is famous for its good absorption, non-sticky formula, and fresh fragrance!

The most convenient thing is that this night cream has many benefits in one bottle, providing deep moisture, nutrients, and hyaluronic acid. It helps smooth and brighten the skin✨ No extra essence is needed. Use it directly after washing your face, or after using toner every day for better results.💦



Black Balm

The best-selling one in 2021⭐️ Compared with the lip balm on the market, the dual-head design is more convenient and practical. In addition to moisturizing dry lips, it can also add a bit of color to the lips.💕

blackmonster 雙頭護唇膏

Never worry about chapped lips in meetings or appointmentsBLACKMONSTER 雙頭護唇膏 使用前後對比

The effect is really different before and after use! 



White Skin Mist

When using a night cream at night, we strongly recommend that you use a brightening moisturizing spray in the morning, especially if you have sensitive skin after shaving. It contains 52% eucalyptus extract, which reduces irritation and discomfort after shaving while soothing and moisturizing the skin.


This mist comes in a large 300ml bottle. Even if you use it every day, you can use it for a long time!

And the bottle is super-textured, not only looks good but also very pleased to use everyday😍

The above are 4 items worth giving gifts🎁

Still worrying about Christmas gifts? 🎅🏻
You can get all these items as a set!
To celebrate Christmas, BLACK MONSTER provides it in the form of a great value gift set! 🛒

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