All You Need For Daily Skincare | Black Monster White Line Collection | Now in Singapore!

All You Need For Daily Skincare | Black Monster White Line Collection | Now in Singapore!

Oooohhhh, weโ€™ve heard you! Some customers saw this collection over at Koreaโ€™s webstore and yes, they are now ready instocks in Singapore!

Unlike the usual sleek all-black packaging, this collection takes on a clean and fresh style, perfect for the Spring/Summer collection?

This [White Line] collection is different from other skincare products in Black Monster, as products under this series focus on Brightening & Whitening! No more dull skin complexion!ย 



They come in big capacity (as compared to most skincare products out there) and we have bundled them up into 2 different value sets (more worthy!)ย 

First, let me give a brief explanation on the similar product characteristics of these 3 items -ย ย 

แƒฆ Contains Glutathione >>> It acts as an antioxidant to improve the dullness of the complexion and restore back to healthy and glowing skin.

แƒฆย  8 types of Hyaluronic Acid - The moisturizing ingredients help to form a skin barrier with the ability to absorb thousand times more moisture and maintain skinโ€™s elasticity.

แƒฆ 12 Types of Vitamins COMPLEXย - Supply vitamins to the skin instantly during application to keep skin healthy.ย 

แƒฆ Portuguese Eucalyptus Extract 52% - Gentler than pure water, it can soothe the skin and comes with a light herbal fragrance.

แƒฆ Completion of Whitening Test - Include the ingredient approved by the Korean Food and Drug Administration (NIACINAMIDE)ย 



Super convenient spray design, with the fine water mist, you can feel the moisturizing effect right after spraying! Plus...itโ€™s non-sticky but leaves your skin feeling refreshed!ย 

*NOTE* This comes in a big capacity of 300ml, which can last you around 3 months or longerโ€ฆ!* Ok, it still depends on how you use lah...if you feel shiok and keep spraying...of course it will be used up fast!ย 

*PLUS* This White Skin Mist is also suitable for irritated skin, as it comes with calming and soothing properties.ย 

STEP โ‘ก All in One Double Serum

A combination of 2 serums for the maximum skin care results - Moisturizing x Whitening. It comes in a big double-sided pump bottle! Use them separately or you may even mix them (1:1) to test the different effects!ย 

Apply an appropriate amount evenly on the face and massage to help the skin absorb โ–ผ

STEP โ‘ข Extra Hydrating White Cream Lotion

White Cream Lotion contains Highly-Concentrated Whitening Ingredients, to revive dull and yellow skin with radiance . It also provides Nutrients and Moisture for Skin Management with โ€˜Ceramideโ€™ for night time skin care .

It can be used as an eye cream as the ingredients help reduce wrinkles and also safe for sensitive skin!ย 

If thereโ€™s an important meeting next day, or when your skin feels particularly dry...

you may also wish to pump out 2x the amount of usual, apply it all over the face in a thicker layer and wash off any remaining product the next morning . Use it like a โ€˜sleeping maskโ€™!

ย Follow the steps โ–ผ

Don't miss out this new series if you want clear and bright skinโ™กโ™กโ™ก

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