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Common Men’s Hair Problems! ‘Thin’ Hair, ‘Flat’ Hair or Hair that ‘sticks up’...which one applies to you?

For guys, hair is just like their second life!

But when it comes to the perfect hairstyle, these are common problems…

“Is it too long?”
“Should I perm it?”
“Hair loss?”
“Hairline getting higher…”

These are the common problems!

Time to figure out the easiest and most convenient solution! 


Thin Hair

Whether you are born with thin hair, or face hair loss due to environmental pollution, stress, etc...because of this problem...your self-confidence must have been deeply affected! Are you going to shave everything off like Vin Diesel? It’s not easy to make this decision…

Photo source: Enoch Patro@Pexels

Some people will probably put on a cap to cover up the hair problem that they are embarrassed with. But…...there are still those who cannot wear caps often. Wearing a cap will not cause hair loss directly, but it may result in oily scalp or hair styling products to trap residue on the cap itself. This is unhygienic in the long run and caps should be cleaned on a regular basis. 


Photo source: Luis Quintero@Pexels

I would like to recommend this savior for guys! ⭐️

Black Monster Black Puff

It helps you cover up ‘empty’ spots naturally! Fill them up with the extremely fine particles and they look so natural just like your own hair! 


It is also very easy to use~ Just hold and dap it~!

I know...there are many similar products in the market, how is Black Monster different from others? Take a look at these comparisons! 


It is easy to wash off, without leaving residue on your hair and scalp! 

Don’t worry, this product consists of 16 types of natural extracts! 


Now, volumize your hair with Black Puff to find back your confidence! 

*Recommend to use with Black Monster Homme Hair Fixer to make it last longer!!


🔻Black Puff🔻 


Hair that ‘sticks up’ 

Hair looks like it’s being blown up after you get out of bed...💣️ Do you spend lots of time trying to tame the hair sticking out at the side? Thinking of perming it? But it’s not cheap to do it at the hair that what you’re thinking of when you look in the mirror every morning? you think this is nothing? But girls don’t like it!

I would like to recommend this savior for guys! ⭐️

Black Monster Down Perm

Hot selling product in Korea which exceeded 400,000 sets! It takes only 10~20 minutes (depending on hair condition) to get the same effect as going to the hair salon. However, the price is a lot cheaper! How to use? Just apply the Down Perm cream on your sideburns, paste the Down Perm paper, wait for 10~15 minutes and rinse off...DONE! Save money and time right now! 



After taming the hair, the head looks smaller, take a look! ↓

For guys who need to tame their sideburns, trust Down Perm! 


🔻Down Perm🔻


Flat Hair

As long as you keep your hair a little longer, it can easily become flat right? Other possible reasons include hair being naturally soft and thin or oily scalp...can also result in flat hair. What should you do? Go to the hair salon to get a perm? But it’s better to save money! 

Gonna introduce this to you...pump in volume to your hair! ☁️

Black Monster Hairstyle Fixing Powder

With the ultrafine powder, it can be absorbed evenly on every corner of the stickiness! Regardless of hair texture or hairstyles, just create a volumized look with this! How to use? Just spray on the area which requires more volume, use both hands to style accordingly. You may spray a few more times if you have not achieved the desired effect.


Keep your hair healthy and moisturized with Keratin and Lavender Oil. It comes with a refreshing green apple scent. This product has been used in fashion shows, time to save your flat hair with this! 


*Recommend to use with Black Monster Homme Hair Fixer to make it last longer!!


🔻Hairstyle Fixing Powder🔻

Time to wrap up these quick and affordable solutions! 

Trust Black Monster, specially created for Men 😎

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