Dealing with hair loss problem? Here, we tell you 3 ways to deal with it!!!

Dealing with hair loss problem? Here, we tell you 3 ways to deal with it!!!

โ€œIf you oppa is bald, will you still love him?โ€ Please...all the oppas out not neglect hair or scalp care! Maintain healthy hair like Korean Oppas๐Ÿ˜Žย ย 

ย Hair loss problem also applies to youngsters! Based on a research study, โ…“ of people below 30 years old are facing this problem. There are more and more cases of hair fall with people at the age of only ah...donโ€™t think youโ€™re still young, so that you can ignore this!ย 

First, let me share with you the Top 5 signs of Hair Fallโš ๏ธ

  • Oily or redness on the scalp
  • Serious hair loss as you comb or wash your hair
  • Hairline getting higher, can see your scalp easily
  • Abnormal or darkened hair follicles

3 main reasons of Hair Loss โญ๏ธ

1) High Androgen levels in the bodyย 

From teenage to early twenties, it is the peak period of male hormone secretion from DHT (dihydrotestosterone), which causes a change in the hair follicles on the scalp. The hair produced by the affected follicles become progressively shorter in length and lighter in color until the follicles shrink completely and stop producing hair. Hence, if you think you are still young...thereโ€™s still a risk of getting male pattern baldness.ย 



2) Genetic factors

There are genes in the family that may be linked to hair loss problems. Unfortunately, if this is the case, the chance of hair loss is 2.5x more than others! Sounds scary right? Thereโ€™s still hope if you take preventive measures as soon as possible! Keep your hair thick and healthy!


3) Bad habits

Insufficient sleep, poor diet or stress can result in hormone imbalances. In addition, if the temperature of your hair dryer is too high or if you use it for too may injure the scalp and cause baldness.ย 

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3 ways to deal with Hair Loss โญ๏ธ


1) Balanced diet and Moderate exercise

Adjust your daily routine, cut down on oily or salty snacks that will cause the accumulation of fats in the body to form sebum, which clogs hair follicles! The main ingredient of hair is is helpful to eat more food with high protein and less spicy food!

2) Sleep is important

Your body is not the only thing that is affected by sleep. To get adequate growth hormone, it is best to get to bed by 10pm and sleep deeply between 12-2am as this is when the most growth hormone is secreted. It is ideal to sleep for 6 hours or more!

3) Change the way you wash your hair

I believe that if you are facing hair loss problem, youโ€™ve probably researched online for suitable shampoos rightโ€ฆ? But, is it really effectiveโ€ฆ?

For shampoo, the cleansing strength is very important. If the residue remains on the hair or scalp, or if you didnโ€™t remove the excess sebum or impurities well...there will be no improvements.ย 

The problem may also lie on the way you shampoo your hair!!!

It is difficult to wash the scalp well with your hands and the bacteria trapped on your fingernails may cause wound or infection! In order to wash your hair properly, you will need a scalp massage brush which comes with two advantages - a gentle massage to pamper yourself and to get rid of dirt and impurities hiding on your scalp.ย 

We recommend this to you: Black Monster Hair Care Set (Ocean Power Wash Shampoo + Scalp Massage Brush)ย 

The repurchase rate is as high as 92%! Consists of Ulleungdoโ€™s clean and clear deep ocean water to moisturize your scalp! Of course, it comes with a cooling sensation to keep you refreshed! Pair the shampoo with the scalp massage brush to wash your hair thoroughly!


How to use:


Perfect grip for your hands!

The ideal size for men in general, it comes with a handle to prevent it from slipping while you are shampooing your hair!ย 

Time to change the way you wash your hair...with Black Monster ๐Ÿ–ค


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