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Don’t be lazy! 3 products to get you prepared in hair styling! Leave home with confidence!

Guys, how long do you take to prepare after waking up every morning? First, start by brushing the teeth and styling the hair. Next up, putting on outfit of the day! Don’t tell me you only need 3 minutes (because you can’t be bothered about how others look at you) … 😂
Some people take up to half an hour and some lesser than that...what exactly is the difference? Speaking of this, do you have this problem of hair sticking out at the side?! Is this what you face every morning while styling your hair?! think this isn’t a major issue...but girls may not think that way! Your hairstyle makes up 70% of your overall image, you don’t need to have stylish hairstyle, but at least...make it clean and neat! Don’t give up yet!
Do you also have…..such problem? 
Waking up with hair that seems like you just came out from an explosion! Rushing for time? Down Perm is here for you! It takes only 20 minutes to get those messy hair poking around...FIXED! It gives you the same effect as what you can get from Hair Salons. Use once and this result lasts you for around 3 weeks,
so worth it! Saves time and money! 
(Before | After) Do you think the head looks smaller as well?
↓ Take a look at how to use it! ↓
*This product is formulated to protect your hair & scalp by using safe ingredients! 
For newbies, you can also do it yourself! 
Next up, you need another ‘magical product’ to help you…!
2-in-1 POMADE & WAX
I believe everyone is familiar with Hair Wax? But do you know that if you combine both Pomade & Wax, it gives you better results? Pomade helps give your hair a natural shine! Black Monster uses a special container to create this product that gives you both choices! Don’t have to carry them separately! For Asian Males with thin and fine hair, this product is also able to give it a strong hold. 
↓ Look at how this oppa create the [Lee Jong-suk] hairstyle! ↓
“If it provides a strong hold, isn’t it easy that the residues remain on the hair or scalp?” I believe this is a common question…
Don’t worry! Simply rinse the product off with shampoo and water, it is easily washable! That makes it unique and convenient! 
Lastly, a perfect style needs to be long-lasting!
🔽 2-in-1 Pomade & Wax 🔽
Have you heard of this? It is made with plant extracts without causing damage to your hair and scalp! It doesn’t leave a ‘hard’ feeling on your hair, but a natural, soft and bouncy result! Spray it gently for 3-5 times before going out to make the style last throughout the day!
 Of course, we have a wide range of products.
Gonna share them with you next time! 

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