Is Circuit Breaker coming to an end? GET READY TO STEP OUT FEELING ALL CLEAN AND FRESH! All you need for basic skincare under the hot weather! Block out the sun and stay oil-free!

Is Circuit Breaker coming to an end? GET READY TO STEP OUT FEELING ALL CLEAN AND FRESH! All you need for basic skincare under the hot weather! Block out the sun and stay oil-free!

Let’s hope that the Circuit Breaker is ending soon, so that we can all go out and have some fun! Miss our brothers and sisters, don’t you? Time to freshen up and stop looking all messy after hiding at home during this period. 

Sun Protection, Oil Control and Skin Hydration are the basic factors we need to consider when it comes to a skincare routine. 

We have compiled a list of ‘Summer Essentials’ for guys under the BLACK MONSTER collection. Your skincare routine isn’t complete without them! ▼

Ⅰ. All-in-one Day & Night Cream

Guys, I know...I know...there are endless products available in the market and you just don’t have the patience to apply them on your face one by one...WE ALL KNOW~~~ It’s time to freshen up for a game of FIFA or mahjong with friends lah...where got time for multiple skincare steps right? 

1st...Toner, then Serum, then Essence and then Moisturizing Cream...Daytime, we still have to put on Sunblock...walao! How to finish on time? *give up*

Black Monster can FIX this problem「A lazy guy who wants fast and efficient skincare」!


Everything u the Toner + Serum + Essence + Cream + Sunblock + Brightening = ♥ All-in-One Day & Night Cream

  • Why is Sunblock important?

There’s always one myth among guys, "I'm not afraid of getting tanning, why do I need sunblock?" But the main purpose of sunblock is to protect our skin from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays, which comes in two forms of - UVA and UVB rays. UVA rays are most commonly associated with skin aging, you know that it may cause ‘skin cancer’?!

However, most of the sunblocks out there make your skiing feel sticky and uncomfortable, which will reduce your willingness to use it, we know the feeling and that is why this is created...

You must try this! Black Monster All-in-One Day & Night Cream!

  • What's unique about All-in-One Day and Night Cream?

-Natural Ingredients (Red lotus root, Pomegranate, Licorice, Jujube, Green tea, Ginkgo, Kelp, etc.)

-5 benefits: Brightening, Reducing wrinkles, Improving your skin's elasticity, Soothing and Moisturizing.

-Non-sticky formula

-No need to apply extra sunblock as the Day Cream comes with SPF50 + PA +++ UV blocking effect

-Brighten up naturally and not as fair as BB cream! 

  • Instructions

Blend them if you want to, or use them separately and apply evenly on your face. Try the different feeling this product gives you!  


Generally, day cream is used during the day and night cream is used at night; however, if your skin condition is dry today, you can always choose to mix the day cream and night cream 1: 1 for better moisturizing effect~ it’s always flexible ✌

Blend it freely according to your personal preference ▼

Ⅱ. Black Monster Black Mud Pack and Foam

With the hot weather, the sebaceous glands produce more sebum. This leads to undesired oiliness on the face. In addition, Men produce 5x more sebum than Women!

According to research, if more sebum is produced, it will enlarge the pores and cause acne. The pores become larger due to sebum that cannot be discharged naturally, then it will turn into blackheads or whiteheads. Hence, it’s a must to pay extra attention by deep cleansing those pores!  

Still exfoliating once or twice a week? Now with Black Monster Black Mud Pack and Foam, it's a multi-purpose 2-in-1 product that serves as a ‘mask’ and ‘facial cleanser’

  • Why is pore cleaning so important?

-Acne is often caused by excessive sebum and old keratin clogging pores

-Bacteria tend to multiply in pores, which can cause acne when infected with hair      follicles that cause pores to enlarge

-Skin is unable to breathe and looks haggard

-Blocked pores prevent the skin from absorbing any skincare products. 

  • What’s special about Black Mud Pack and Foam?

-Black mud powder particles are smaller than pores - able to penetrate deep into pores to remove old waste,sebum, blackheads, whiteheads, etc.

-High-density bubble foam -helps to manage pores and can also be used as a shaving foam

-2 types of texture - a clay-like mask when applied on dry skin and becomes a facial cleanser on wet face!

  • How to use?

Day Time ☼

3 Minute Mask ( use it 1-2 times a week )

step 1 Squeeze an appropriate amount (around the size of a 50cent coin). Remove excess moisture on your face and apply the product on your face evenly.

step 2 Wait for 1-3 mins. In the meantime, you can brush your teeth *time is money HAHA*

step 3 Rinse your face with water to create bubble foam to use it as a facial cleanser. Massage your face gently and shave with the rich foam. 

Night Time ☾

After removing all the cosmetic (sunblock,bb cream...), wash your face with lukewarm water and then take an appropriate amount of the product and massage the entire face to produce bubble foam. Last but not least, rinse off with water and you are DONE !

Ⅲ. Black Monster Oil Control Mist

Are you still using oil-absorbing paper? Or are you looking for a product that can maintain makeup for a longer time?

You can control the oil by just SPRAYING Black Monster Oil Control Mist. comes in a handy size to carry around by keeping it in your pocket! 

  • Ingredients 

Tea Leaf Extract , Mint Leaf Extract , Eucalyptus Leaf Extract , Cypress Leaf Extract and other patented ingredients that achieve sebum control.

  • Oil Control Test

(Left: Before using BM Oil Control Mist | Right: After using BM Oil Control Mist)

  • Setting Test

(Left: Other brand | Right: With BM Oil Control Mist)

  • How to use?

Shake well before use, Spray from a distance of around 20-30cm from face!

2 packs in a set ~ super worth to buy! ▼

Ⅳ. Black Cologne Shower Gel

No one wants to smell bad after a few hours sweating under the sun. The problem of body odour persists a lot in Summer when the scorching heat causes excessive sweating. 

How about taking a quick shower with Black Cologne Shower Gel before going out?

A bottle of 5 in 1 effect (wash your hair, wash your face, wash your body, shave, perfume fragrance) time-saving and convenient! ▼

  • How does it smell?

Black Mandarine - Suitable for daytime, it works like a"deodorant’, to keep you feeling fresh all day and has rich and bouncy foam suitable for people who need to shave during the day!

Black Musk-Suitable for night time, emphasizing the ‘moisturizing power’, to maintain skin hydration as you sleep at night! 

Alluring fragrances ▼

Ⅴ. Black Monster Hairstyle Fixing Powder

Not only does the face get oily in Summer, but also the HAIR! All styled up? Your hair is flattened 2 hours after stepping out of the house?

This is NOT OK! In order not to waste time and your effort in styling, use Black Monster Hairstyle Fixing Powder▼

  • How’s the result?

Hair that was originally thin and weak▼

Rough yet styleless hair ▼

Even suitable for girls with bangs -- can add volume ▼

  • Features of Black Monster Hairstyle Fixing Powder?

-Not sticky; keeps hair in shape with strong holding power 

-Protects hair; nutrient supply and moisturizing with aromatic essential oil (lavender)

-Light fragrance; fresh green apple

  • Instructions

Rotate the pump to 90 degrees → Spray an appropriate amount on the hair → Then set the style by hand

Collapsed hair makes people look tired! Let’s inject some volume while you style your hair ▼

These are the 5 must-have items for summer by BLACK MONSTER. Time to grab them for looking perfect under the heat! :)




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