Talking about skin care๏ฝœThe key points that can easily understand!

Talking about skin care๏ฝœThe key points that can easily understand!

The sun, air conditioning, humid weather, and the dirt outside can all take a toll on our skin, and everyday skin conditions can be hard to stabilize without you noticing.

Routine maintenance is more challenging

So today, we specially sorted out the maintenance points that should be paid attention to your daily.

Even male friends who don't know much about skincare can easily grasp the key points:


# Always remember to cleanse your skin thoroughly to reduce skin sensitivity

No matter what the season is, the first step to having good skin is cleansing!

If you don't clean it well...

The skin is more prone to clogged pores, acne or dry skin and peeling.

We believe that many people know and feel that this is a clichรฉ, they all have the habit of washing their faces

But I still want to remind everyone that the key to cleansing is to choose the right cleansing products

Because the weather in spring is unstable, skin allergies are more likely to occur

Therefore, choosing mild or natural cleansing products to reduce sensitivity and damage is the best way to clean your skin!


# Allergy countermeasures, emergency preparedness

When spring comes, many people suffer from hay fever and rhinitis. Masks must be worn~ if not... * sneezing and runny nose *

Skin can become sensitive and irritated due to many reasons, sun, pollen, dust and cold in the air, or the wrong skincare products.

At this time, in addition to commonly used skin care products and cleaning products, try to choose pure natural ingredients

We recommend that you prepare some special lotion or toner for sensitive skin

When the skin is in sensitive condition, it instantly calms and soothes and prevents damage from expanding!!


# Oil control and moisturizing, enhance skin defense

As mentioned earlier, affected by weather factors, spring is particularly prone to skin allergies

Moreover, the temperature difference in spring is large, and the alternation of cold and heat can be said to be very harmful to the skin.

When the weather is hot, due to the strong secretion of sebum and sweat glands, the stratum corneum produces oil, which is prone to acne, pimples, blackheads, etc.

When the temperature drops, such as staying in an air-conditioned room, or travelling to a cold country, the sudden cold air will affect the metabolism of the skin and reduce the water retention capacity~

It is easy to form a situation where the skin is oily on the outside and dry on the inside!!

So at this time, you should choose products with oil control and moisturizing functions.

Reduces excess oil while enhancing water retention

Achieving the oil-water balance of the skin through the conditioning of skin care products

Nature can also strengthen the skin's defence force! ! Reduce the occurrence of allergies~~


The above is the daily skincare points we have prepared for you today.

It can be seen that both cleaning and maintenance focus on one aspect

Proper hydration and oil control are needed to strengthen the skin's self-protection

Here, we also recommend a set of good products for oil control and moisturizing

It is balance series of BLACK MONSTER

As the name implies, this series strengthens the effect of oil control and hydration, keeping the skin in a normal oily and watery state

There are currently two products: masks and lotion

Use alone or add to moisturizer, repair serum and more in your routine.

It helps to balance water and oil in your skin condition. You can use it twice a week to add moisture to your boots.

Those who are interested can take a lookโ–ผ

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