Summer skin survival_ Easily solve the greasy feeling of wearing a mask!

Summer skin survival_ Easily solve the greasy feeling of wearing a mask!

We feel like 35 degrees almost every day these days!
Also, does wearing a mask make you feel that your skin is oilier than before?

As we make our way into the hottest months of the year when UV rays are at their strongest, it is imperative that we take a proactive approach to protect our skin.

Here are some "summer essentials" in the BLACK MONSTER series.
You skin won't survival without themโ–ผ


โ… . Balancing Skin Toner

It feels wet and oily during the day, especially when the temperature rises. This is because for every 1 degree increase in temperature, the amount of oil on the skin will increase by 10%.

Coupled with the influence of hormones, men's sebum secretion is 5 times that of women's, and their pores are also larger than women's!

However, if you feel that no matter how you wash your face, the ''oily feel'' still there. There may be a problem with your "toner/lotion"!

If the oil and moisture in the skin are not balanced, the skin will secrete too much sebum. This is a vicious circle. No matter how much oil absorb paper you use, it won't help!

Therefore, it is very important to use basic skincare products that balance oil and moisture.

A bottle of oil control balancing toner can absorb excess sebum + quickly replenish moisture to the skin โ–ผ


โ€ข How to maintain the oil-water balance?

The main reason is that the oil-control balancing emulsion turns into an oily water layer. The lower layer contains Anti-Sebum Mixโ„ข, an anti-sebum management ingredient, which can continuously absorb excessive sebum secreted by the skin and effectively control oil. The glacier water in the upper reaches of Alaska is rich in minerals and is dry. The skin is filled with water, just like electrolyte water.

โ€ข Recommended for the following skins

-People who often have oily faces

-People with large pores that are prone to oil

-People with easy makeup

โ€ข Guidance

โ“ต Shake and mix them thoroughly

โ“ถ Pour out an appropriate amount on the palm of the hand and pat gently on the facial skin until absorbed

Shake well to dissolve sebumโ–ผ


โ…ก. Aloe Sun Cream


Boys often have a myth: "I'm not afraid of tanning, why do I need sunscreen?" But the main purpose of sunscreen is to prevent skin damage and aging due to ultraviolet rays, which may lead to "skin cancer" in severe cases. But generally, sunscreen makes you feel sticky and uncomfortable, which greatly reduces your willingness to use sunscreen.

But, You must try this aloe sunscreen~

โ€ข Why is it better than other sunscreens?

The most suitable temperature for the skin is 31~32ยฐC, but our skin may rise to 40ยฐC under the sun! Therefore, it is necessary to calm the heat while blocking the ultraviolet rays! The aloe sunscreen contains 40% aloe vera juice to keep the skin moisturized and instantly calming!

You can see the difference before and after use โ–ผ


โ€ข What else is there?

- SPF 50+ PA ++++ The highest level of UV blocking

- Contains sebum absorption powder, sebum control + skin tone modification + calming effect

-Easy to apply and absorb

โ€ข Recommended for the following skins

-Uneven and red skin

-Aging due to ultraviolet rays

-Greasy due to oil

โ€ข instruction to use

โ“ต In order to mix the active ingredients, please shake well before use

โ“ถ Put a suitable amount oh hand, and spread evenly on the skin, pat gently to help absorption


โ…ข. Oil Control Mistย 

Recommended for:

- Oily skin type
- Who hate the greasy feel on the skin
- Help makeup to last longer
- Remove excess sebum on the face without wiping

A product that can be put in a pocket, which is convenient to carry around and take out and use at any time!

Although the capacity is small, it is durable! It can be sprayed about 300 times. (Lasting about 33 days)

Frequency and Directions of Use:

1. Shake well before use

2. Spray from a distance of around 20-30cm from face

3. Spray 2-3 times per use


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