The basic makeup look for Men in just 6 easy steps!

The basic makeup look for Men in just 6 easy steps!

Do you know? It is totally common for guys to put on makeup in Korea...don’t have to find this weird!

Everyone wants to look ‘GOOD’, isn’t this normal?

Of course, it is not about drawing the face like ‘a painting full of flowers’...what we are talking to create a natural look which helps you to look more energetic...instead of pale-looking. Skin conditions are not something that we can control overnight, but if you can improve your looks with extra effort, why not?

Wanna look better than before but not sure where to start…?

Makeup isn’t that difficult or troublesome like what you think...what’s important is to find the right products! Let me recommend some products you should have, with the Step-by-Step guides to boost your charm. ❤️

STEP 1. All-in-One Day & Night



It is important to complete a skincare routine before you apply any makeup on your face. This affordable, yet convenient 2-in-1 product is what comes in handy! Toner + Lotion + Sunscreen + Essence + Brightening...all locked up in this bottle! The double-pump makes it unique and allows you to use it during the Day / Night. If you wish to brighten and soothe your skin condition, plus apply sunscreen...use ‘DAY’. On the other hand, if you wish to reduce wrinkles, moisturize your skin with whitening effect, please use ‘NIGHT’. What’s more…? You can even use them together if you find this combination great for your skin! Simply apply the product evenly on your face.

STEP 2. Nobody Knows Primer

In order to hide visible pores, it is a MUST to apply primer. The amount of sebum in guys is 5 times more than you have problems with those huge pores? In that case, this base is suitable for you because it is colorless and helps to improve unevenness on the skin and cover up wrinkles! Don’t worry about it leaving white patches on the skin after application. The sebum control effect is extremely amazing, which helps your makeup stay on longer without becoming cakey. 



It is really easy to use, just pump out a small amount (around the size of your pinky nail) and spread evenly on your face. 

STEP 3. Nobody Knows BB Lotion

“Your face looks so mature…”, has anyone said this to you before? This is because of your skin complexion being too dull! 😔😔😔

Tried BB Cream before, but the obvious color difference makes you give up?! 

Fret not! Black Monster is right here...we target Men’s skin! Stop using products meant for Women! This BB Lotion glides on your face smoothly and the best part…? It is suitable for all skin-types! The shade is also ideal for Men and to top it gives a natural brightening effect on your face. Where can you find such perfect BB Lotion for Men…? 

Look at the difference...he looks totally refreshed after applying it! ↓↓↓


There is nothing special about the method of use; just squeeze an appropriate amount (again, like the size of your pinky nail) and apply it evenly on the face. Oh...some people may ask, “Can I just apply this BB Lotion without base primer?”...of course you can still proceed if you think this is ok :)

But we still recommend to apply primer before makeup, please take a look at this and you can tell the difference that we are referring to…


STEP 4. Homme Erasing Pen

Let’s will be totally perfect if we can cover up those acne scars and blemishes...right?! But to cover them up, it has to look natural without leaving patches. This double-sided product comes with a sponge tip and the concealer. Making it convenient and hygienic to blend on your skin without using your fingers. Oh ya! For those troubled with dark circles, use this!!! It’s effective in hiding those panda eyes too! 


Ok, we are done with the face makeup...Next up, time to touch up the eyebrows! 

STEP 5. Black Brow Kit

This value set is totally suitable for anyone...even beginners or noobs! LOL! 

It includes 3 stencil guides (pick your preferred brow shape), brow pen and razor for trimming! The steps are really simple...twist the sponge tip of the brow pen in the cover several times to get the product onto the sponge. Pick the stencil guide of your choice and align it on your brow area, fill up your brows! Lastly, for those with messy brows, please use the razor to trim. That’s it...easy or what?



Oh...we are here at the final huh?

STEP 6. Double-sided Black Balm

Have you ever wondered why women are so obsessed with lipsticks? It is because it lifts up the overall look, without looking as pale as a sick patient. However, it is not suitable for guys to use lipsticks meant for girls! The shades are usually too ‘red’ for guys...but Black Monster has created this double-sided lip balm (moisturize + color). It consists of 6 different essential oils and comes in a small handy packaging that you can bring along with you! Chapped lips? Dry lips? This stick ‘saves’ your lips! Try it! 💋


Hold on…….we have another lip product - Lip Tint! This is also known as the ‘upgraded version’ of Black Balm because the texture is so smooth that it glides on your lips you a long-lasting tint! But please note, this product is more ‘reddish’ compared to Black decide which one you wanna try! 


To conclude, we have completed the 6 easy steps! Everything is easy and convenient with Black Monster.

Don’t wait anymore...add them to your cart now! 


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