Transforming to Korean OPPA in 10 minutes! A beginner's guide to Korean skincare for men.

Transforming to Korean OPPA in 10 minutes! A beginner's guide to Korean skincare for men.

Korea іѕ a giant whеn іt comes tо fаѕhіоn. Ovеr thе years, Korean fаѕhіоn trеndѕ have сеmеntеd their place іn thе glоbаl ѕсеnе. Wіth Kоrеа’ѕ hір, frеѕh аnd уоuthful аррrоасh tо clothes аnd accessories, and makeup skills.

Today, let us dig out the secrets of why Korean Oppa styles are so celebrated! 😉

Are you frustrated that you let the prettiest girl slip past you again simply because you just didn’t know how to catch her 1st eyes? 

Well, you are in luck! We have great, useful tips that can help you step up your dating game. 

You can do it! THE OPPA STYLE!

STEP ①  All-in-One Day & Night

Guys don’t need a countless step of skincare routine like girls do. If you’re having trouble sticking to your skincare routine, there’s a good chance that it’s simply too complicated.

All-In-One Day & Night, Highly recommended to those who have dry skin. While having whitening + anti-wrinkle care at the same time, it saves up lots of your time!




















After washing the face, pump out the day and night cream in ratio 1:1 and mix it evenly , gently massage, and apply evenly on the entire face.

(You can adjust the ratio according to your skin condition~)

1 bottle with sebum of dual effects to solve skin problems. It supplies vitamins to the skin instantly during the application, to keep skin healthy.

Black Monster All in One Double Serum (SGD$ 34.80)

STEP ②  Nobody Knows Primer

It’s a secret item for your good-looking skin. The transparent texture helps smooth fine lines, wrinkles, and large pores to leave your skin looking clean and smooth.

Plus! Men produce more sebum than women, therefore have larger pores. It’s an important step to apply primer before bb cream, or else the bb cream can get STUCK in your pores and have an adverse effect on the clean and smooth skin- look you, wanted. ! + It also contains sebum control effect to help take care of oiliness!

After using the dual day & night cream, apply a small thumb-sized amount of primer cream to the unevenness / larger pores area.

Quick absorbing and lightweight finish! Leaves your skin feeling light with a silky finish in a short amount of time.

Black Monster Nobody Knows Primer(SGD$ 24.00)

STEP ③  Nobody Knows BB Lotion


Black Monster BB lotion is different from others. With the natural tone especially designed for Asian men's skin tones. Don't have to worry about the '  zombie white ' effects or too obvious outcome.

Very suitable for those who care about their uneven skin tone, dark circles, scars. 

Check out the difference▼

It is important to choose a cream that works best with your skin type.BB cream can be used by anyone, it is a simple and streamlined way to get clean-looking skin.

Apply directly to the entire face with your hands or makeup sponge! Easy + Quick !

Black Monster Nobody Knows BB Lotion (SGD$ 24.00)
STEP ④ Homme Black Erasing Pen

After finishing the first three steps, here go the TOUCH-UP part!

It's to cover up all the acne scars, dark circles, or small blemishes!

Duo head design, the other end has a sponge, it helps to apply the concealer without hands ▼

First, use concealer on the part you want to cover, and then use a sponge to pat, it helps for a better natural effect, if it still feels obvious after covering, you can repeat it several times!

 Black Monster Homme Black Erasing Pen (SGD$ 19.00)

STEP ⑤  Black Balm

A double-sided lip product for Men. Moisturize first and add a natural shade of red on the lips to get rid of the pale-looking look!

Pocket size lip balm

It presents a smooth and glossing look with a nutrition supply for your lip. With the naturally red-color designed for men make the lip look more energetic and healthy. And, it protects lips from cold wind and prevents crack lip.

Color + Moisture

Solve your lip problems in one go!

Smiling shouldn't be painful, but it often is for people with dry lips. 

With Black Balm, it makes the lips look moisturized and soft !

Black Monster Black Balm(SGD$ 14.00)

Black Monster -- Effective, Simple, Affordable Men's Skincare!

Check out our official website for more information!


We recommended: Black Monster Oil Control Mist

Cut oil and ban shine with this water-based cooling mist that preps skin for a smooth, matte finish!! It has perfect oil control effects, fast-absorbing, and non-irritating face after spraying! 


 It has perfect oil control effects, fast-absorbing, and non-irritating face after spraying!


One spray ) NO MORE oily, greasy look!!

Black Monster Oil Control Mist (SGD$ 19.00)














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