Why men should care about their personal appearance? 4 Things that can make you less attractive.

Why men should care about their personal appearance? 4 Things that can make you less attractive.

Why doesn't my crush like me?ย 

Plenty of you has asked this question but still don't' know why.

Well, good news for youโ€ฆ Youโ€™ve come to the right place to find out!

Letโ€™s face it.ย 

None of us ever wakes up looking like David Beckham or Chris Evans. Jordan. Unless youโ€™re one whoโ€™s been blessed with super good genes, or else most us are on the whole quite average looking.

For men, a healthy skin condition may be more important than "stylish" outfits.

Here are our top 4 list of things girls find less attractive.

ย 1.An oily, greasy look

You may think:ย 

" Outside very hot leh.. it's normal to have oily skin okay...iI can't help with it, this a natural physiological response what"


Girl's thought:ย 


Did you know that every time the temperature rises, the amount of oil discharged from the skin increased?ย 

For many men, oily skin is a big concern. Not only does it give your face a shiny, greasy look, but it also makes your skin more prone to clogged pores and acne problems.

It is true that the oil output is more abundant in hot days, but it is your responsibility to take care of your own appearance.

If you're a big oil producer, just keeping your skin clean may not be enough to avoid the problem. Using suitable products for oily skin daily will help control oil and prevents clogged pores.

We recommended: Black Monster Oil Control Mist

Cut oil and ban shine with this water-based cooling mist that preps skin for a smooth, matte finish.

It helps to get rid of excess sebum of face with the oil control ingredients, no longer needs to absorb oil with tissues anymore!ย 


Perfect oil control effects, fast-absorbing, and non-irritating face after spraying! Convenient to carry around, it can be put into the size of your pocket, and you able to carry it out at any time when you need to.

2.Enlarged Pores

You might think:ย 

"What? everyone has pores okay, girls also have pores ''


Girl's thought:ย 

"gosh does he ever wash his face? "

When pores produce excess oil or become clogged, they can become enlarged and appear more visible.

Since men tend to have oilier skin than women, men are more likely to have visibly enlarged pores. With the hot sunny weather outside and without sunscreen protection, skin loses elasticity and collagen which also causes pores to become visibly enlarged.

We recommended: Black Monster Black Scrubber

Depending on the skin condition of each individual and differences in seasons. It is usually best to exfoliate 1-2 times a week. It helps exfoliate, purify, and deep clean pores. Plus, with the natural ingredients, it's gentle and non- irritating to the skin, it helps remove dullness to allow the skin to look brighter and whiter.

03.Dry, cracked, peeling lipsย 

You may think:

"I am a man ! man never wear lip balm tho"


Girl's thought:

"Who wants to kiss that kind of mouth?!"

The familiar rough, flaky texture reappears on your lips. It's uncomfortable, unattractive, and the urge to pick at them is pretty strong.

If your lips are prone to chapping, you need the right tools to deal with it.

We recommended: Double-sided Black Balm

Black Monster has created this double-sided lip balm (moisturize + color). It consists of 6 different essential oils and comes in a small handy packaging that you can bring along with you! No more chapped lips!

4.Sweat, smelly, smoke smells

You may think: "Sweat smell is a real man!"


Girl's thought:

"What@#$%^&*@#$%^" (walk away)


You already know the basics. If you get really sweaty, youโ€™ll probably smell worse. But, if you dig a little deeper and get into the whyโ€™s of it all, you can make little adjustments that will save you from those embarrassing moments.ย 

We recommended:

Normal Perfume Friday Night Moonwalk (for Men)

Instead of directly mixing unpleasant smells and perfume to make things even worst. We should first remove the unpleasant odors remaining on the fabrics, then only adding a fragrance spray for clothes to smell good. By improving the long-lasting effects, this fragrance spray increased the aroma rate and deodorant effects.ย 

You Just Need a Refresher

Taking care of your own outlook not only for please girls but it will also raise your own comfort levels. There are no ugly men, only lazy men.ย 


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