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Free shipping for orders SGD$49 and above!
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Can't wait to try out! Black Monster Unboxing with Rai ✨


 2020, April 10

Thank you so much for sending me this over!! ✨•

Super-duper happy to be receiving this amazing hair, body & facial product from them. Really can't wait to try this out. the reviews are pretty trust-worthy so far. Many of their customers have said that the product does what it says.

• 🛍: •
check them out!!!


Featured Products -

1) Black Cologne Shower Gel

>>> For a head-to-toe wash! A refreshing scent to help you stay energetic throughout the day! 

2) Massage Brush

>>> Massage away to pamper yourself a little after a long and tiring day with the soft silicone bristles :)

3) Night Moisture Cream

>>> For the daily night time skincare routine, hydrate your skin to make it glow!


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